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Lessons & Classes

Private Piano Lesson

Learn piano at any age.

Tailored lessons for all levels.

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced!

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Intro to Yoga

Welcome to our yoga class for beginners of all ages! Begin to learn the basics of yoga, helping you build strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Join us and discover the benefits of yoga for your body and mind.

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Guitar Lesson

Learn guitar with our private and group lessons for all ages and skill levels. Our experienced instructors will help you achieve your musical goals.

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Music for Special Needs

Welcome to Little Explorers Special Needs music class for elementary Our program provides a fun and engaging musical experience for children with special needs.

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Join our beginner ukulele classes for kids (7-12) and teens/adults. Learn to play the ukulele in a fun and engaging way!

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Welcome to Little Explorers Class! Our program is designed for Pre-K and Kindergarten kids ages 4 - 6 to learn through play, exploration, activities. Join us on this exciting adventure of learning and growth!

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Voice Class for Kids

Join our Voice Class for Kids Ages 7 - 12! Learn the basics of singing and develop their vocal skills and confidence on stage. Sign up today!

Music Theory

Join our music theory class for high school students and adults. Learn notation, scales, chords, and more to build a strong foundation for your music career or hobby.

Musical Theatre Voice

Welcome to Musical Theatre Voice! We offer workshops and classes for kids aged 7-18 to develop their singing, acting, and dancing skills in a fun and environment. Join us today and watch your child's confidence soar on stage!

Reading Tutoring

Welcome to our reading tutoring program for elementary kids! Improve reading skills and build confidence.  Contact us to schedule a session and give your child the gift of literacy!

Classical Voice

Join our traditional and classical voice lessons for middle and high school singers! Learn vocal fundamentals, including breath control, tone production, and diction. Develop your skills and confidence in a supportive environment.

Our Military Kids Program

Enroll in Our Military Kids Program for eligible kids aged 3-18. Our classes qualify for grants, giving your child the opportunity to participate in our lessons. Join us today!

Learn more about Our Military Kids!

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