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Meet our Team: Ginger Hunt – Yoga & Wellness


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Jun 23, 2023




Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach

Ginger Hunt studied plant science at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln which gave her a full science background. Later, she completed dental assisting in an associate dental program. Today, she’s empowering others with her insight on how she brought ease to her life with yoga and meditation and embodying practices to live her best life. She specializes in the use of the limbs of yoga and advanced knowledge in physics, neuroscience, and biology to help individuals achieve optimal wellness, health and healing.

She’s an advanced student of the teaching of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Student of Meditation transformative workshops. She is also certified in teaching Yoga to kids as well as coping methods for dealing with PTSD, depression and anxiety.

She works to attain with her students freedom in the mind and body, less physical pain, clearing blocks in the mind and body, finding coherence in the brain and heart, improved health, inner peace, balance in the in the autonomic nervous system, joy, expressing positive mind and body energy.

She’s empowering others with her insight on how she brought ease to her life with her easy to read books which are available below on Amazon or in her classes.

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