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The Impact of Music Study on College-Bound High School Seniors


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Jun 26, 2023




As high school seniors approach the pivotal stage of transitioning to college, it’s essential to recognize the profound benefits of music study in shaping their journey toward scholarship auditions, college acceptance, and overall success in higher education. Music education empowers college-bound seniors, enhancing their chances of securing scholarships, thriving in college, and achieving academic excellence across various disciplines.

  1. Enhanced Cognitive Abilities: Music study cultivates a range of cognitive skills that extend beyond the realm of music itself. By engaging in the intricacies of rhythm, melody, and harmony, students develop improved memory, attention span, and critical thinking abilities. These enhanced cognitive skills can be transferred to other academic areas, enabling college-bound seniors to excel in scholarship auditions, entrance exams, and rigorous college coursework.

  2. Discipline and Time Management: The pursuit of musical proficiency demands discipline, commitment, and effective time management skills. Music students learn the value of consistent practice, setting goals, and managing their time effectively to meet deadlines and balance their academic responsibilities. These invaluable skills carry over into the college environment, empowering students to excel in coursework, extracurricular activities, and other commitments.

  3. Performance Experience and Confidence: Participating in music ensembles and performing in front of an audience builds confidence and fosters stage presence. These experiences develop public speaking skills, poise, and the ability to handle pressure. Such attributes are crucial during scholarship auditions and college interviews, helping students present themselves with confidence and authenticity. Additionally, the self-assurance gained through music study permeates other aspects of academic life, promoting classroom participation, leadership roles, and overall success in college and higher education.

  4. Teamwork and Collaboration: Music education often involves ensemble performances that require teamwork, collaboration, and effective communication. By working together with fellow musicians, students learn to listen, adapt, and contribute to a unified artistic vision. These skills are highly transferable to group projects, academic collaborations, and extracurricular activities in college. Students with music experience possess the ability to work harmoniously within diverse teams, fostering a cooperative and inclusive environment in school and the work place.

  5. Emotional Well-Being: Music provides a medium for emotional expression and self-reflection. Through music study, students develop well rounded skills and possess the ability to understand and connect with others. These qualities contribute to personal well-being and social interactions in college. Music also serves as a stress reliever, offering an outlet for self-care and a way to balance the demands of academic life. Those seniors equipped with stress management skills are better equipped to navigate the challenges of college and are able to excel academically.

Music study has far-reaching benefits for high school students, positively influencing scholarship auditions, college acceptance, and success in higher education. By developing discipline, confidence, and teamwork skills, music education equips students with a robust foundation for academic achievement and personal growth. As they embark on their college journey, students with music experience possess a unique set of skills and qualities that make them better equipped to thrive in a diverse range of academic disciplines and extracurricular pursuits. The power of music resonates beyond the classroom, harmonizing success and helping to shape well-rounded individuals prepared to excel in college and beyond.

Heather Korn is a master teaching artist with a career of over 25 years teaching music students and preparing students for professional careers in music and the arts. She owns and operates Music Works Academy in Beatrice, Nebraska.

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